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PatronMail:  Professional e-mail services for arts and non-profit organizations and more...


PatronMail is the e-marketing provider of choice for over 1,000 organizations of all sizes that are committed to artistic, creative, or nonprofit causes.  We work with a diverse range of clients—from individual artists to the very largest organizations—each with their own specific needs and with a customized PatronMail to match them. View our client list.


With ease, PatronMail enables you to

  • Create and send professional e-mail campaigns
  • Build and segment your e-mail list
  • Track and analyze your results
  • Comply with e-mail laws and regulations

Our account service team is happy to answer your questions and give you a test drive of the product.

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PatronMail: the PRODUCT

We make design simple.

It is very easy to design and customize your e-mail campaigns.  Use one of PatronMail's flexible design wizards to create professional e-newsletters, postcards, and letters. You can upload your own artwork and headers to that your campaigns match the look and feel of your Web site and printed materials. 

PatronMail guides you step-by-step through the design process.  You'll select formatting and fonts you desire and enjoy the convenience of seeing your design as you work. All PatronMail templates are tested to render properly in all major e-mail and web browsers.

We provide you with the tools to build and segment your e-mail lists.

Your e-mail list is the single most important aspect to your marketing success. With our fully customizable sign-up form and “forward-to-a-friend” features, we’ll ensure that you can build the very best and most expansive list possible.

We track your results.

Within hours see who’s opening and responding to your e-mail campaigns. We’ll also show you which e-mails bounced and adjust their record automatically in your database, which means you don’t have to do anything manually.

We provide all sorts of e-commerce extras to complement your e-marketing: our suite of e-commerce offerings includes e-check-out, e-registrations, e-donations, e-membership, and more.


PatronMail: the SERVICE

Our customer support team is dedicated to making your job easier.

Whether looking for the answer to a technical “how-to” question or simply seeking advice, you can turn to us in confidence that your needs will get personalized treatment.  You’ll also be assigned a dedicated Account Executive who will check in periodically to ensure your complete satisfaction. We are passionate about your business and we want you to succeed!

We help you learn to be a better e-marketer!
Whether you’re just starting out or already a seasoned e-marketing pro, PatronMail will help you hone your skills.

With PatronMail’s exclusive Idea Center you’ll find hundreds of tips and advice pooled from our experience as well as that of your colleagues in nonprofit and creative businesses.

You’ll be inspired by ideas from the Client Gallery, get answers to common e-marketing questions in our Ask Christina,” section, and view our weekly video Tip of the Week.” 

And, if that’s not enough, you’ll also receive two newsletters a month which will further help you separate fact from fiction about e-marketing.


PatronMail: Superior Delivery

Deliverability & Spam: what they don’t tell you!

Believe it or not, nearly 20% of all legitimate e-mail never gets delivered! As a result of intensive spamblocking by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) such as AOL, Yahoo, MSN, millions of e-mail messages each day lose the battle with these ISP’s Spamfilters. These e-mails simply disappear and never reach their intended inbox—and this happens without your knowledge.

That’s why working with an outside company like PatronMail is critically important. We monitor our deliverability every day through an independent third-party auditor, and if a problem with blocking ever arises, our PatronMail deliverability team immediately goes to battle for you and works directly with the ISP to resolve the issue. We have attained “whitelisted” status with ISPs and all our clients enjoy the benefits of the highly selective Sender Score Certified Program, which further ensures that ISPs will allow us to deliver your e-mail campaigns without blocking.


PatronMail offers a variety of service and pricing plans to match your organization's budget and needs.

Starting at $25 per month, there's a plan to match your organization's budget and service needs. Learn more about our service plans.


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